Curtis Book’s MCC Native American Learning Tour

Monday, October 31, 2016 – 8:00am to Friday, November 4, 2016 – 1:00pm

The MCC Native American Learning Tour is designed to shed light on the untold history in Pennsylvania and beyond. It will not only tell the story of early Native life and settlements in Lancaster County, but also the Conestoga massacre by the Paxtang Boys, the successive breaking of treaties and the Carlisle Indian Industrial School. This painful history has its roots in the Doctrine of Discovery which allowed European nations to colonize any land not ruled by Christian rulers, see Native people as less than human, and their lands as free for the taking.

curtis book
Curtis Book, MCC East Coast, with his wife Les.

The five-day tour, organized by MCC East Coast and Circle Legacy Center, will include daily trips from the MCC Welcoming Place in Akron, Pa., to destinations in central Pennsylvania and Washington, DC.

Those who are unable to participate in the entire tour are welcome to register only for Day One (October 31), which will include the theology and ideology which shaped European exceptionalism and the Doctrine of Discovery. We also will participate in the Loss of Turtle Island blanket exercise as a way of understanding the loss of Native lands and rights in the United States.

The registration deadline is September 30. For more information, contact Curtis Book [Circle of Hope Covenant Member], MCC East Coast Peace and Justice Coordinator, at [email protected]or 215-316-6528.

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