All Ears on Deck: you may be listening, but are you hearing?

Let’s develop our “ears to hear” and listen to the Holy Spirit inviting us to understand both ourselves and inform how we relate. Our world is full of wonders and we want to catch the best things from God in our personal experience of life, the traditions of the church, creation, and our mutual ongoing discernment. We’re going for humility, generosity. Our response to Jesus in the world is “wow.”

We’re trying an experiment with using social media before, during, and after the Sunday meetings. Let’s be honest about what and who we’re listening to. You can post quotes, photos, video, and/or lyrics using #circleofhope and #allears.

You will help get the word out by using “check in” on Facebook at our locations each week. You can also help us get started by using this event for our kickoff this Sunday. 

May 29 – “Listening to God about ourselves” We’ll explore when Samuel stops running and says to God “I’m listening.” 

June 5 – “Listening to one another” The first church in Acts demonstrates discernment as something beyond merely parsing data or democracy.

June 12 – “Ears for Creation” Does creation still groan? Could God be speaking to us through other living creatures? 

June 19 – “Ears for the Margins” Jesus engages and includes sometimes from unexpected places.

June 26 – “Hearing the Holy Spirit’s DirectionWe’ll explore where we’re moving together.

July 3 – “God Hearing Us” Does God move in response to our prayer?

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