Edgers in Madrid

We have a somewhat distant relationship with our “sister” in Madrid: Circulo de Esperanza. We have never made a formal covenant with them, but in many ways we are kindred spirits. Gwen and I have visited and we have, on occasion, tried to help them out financially. — Rod White

This is from their latest newsletter:

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If you have been following current events in the ministry here, you know that we have two “Steppers” or “Edgers,” as we call them, here with us in Madrid who are part of Brethren in Christ internship programs for young people interested in missions. It was their half way point at the beginning of April, and I would like to share some of their observations and comments. At the half way point they switched host homes, and went to live with a different Spanish family. The program places interns in non-Christian homes where they can be salt and light. In many of these homes, it is the first time they have met a follower of Christ, so the Edgers could make a great impact on these families. Spanish families have been very generous and have taken the Edgers to many places around Spain and have included them in their family life.

As the interns increase their language ability, it does open dialogue on faith, and at one such moment, one of the Edgers asked her host father where he was with God. His answer was, “I need things to fit. God doesn’t fit because I only believe in things that exist.”

Another intern was taken on a trip to see beautiful Cathedrals. One day they happened to visit a Cathedral during mass, and she was shocked that people kept walking around, and didn’t wait out of respect for the mass to finish. It then dawned on her that her deepest personal love is only a museum piece to this family.

Both Edgers have experienced what we normally come across in Spain: indifference or even antagonism to the Gospel message. Your prayers are still needed for this country and its beautiful people. Continue to pray for our Edgers as they finish up the last two months. They keep very active between family life, church life and schooling. Pray that the relationships which they have formed may lead to a great awakening in the lives of Spaniards.

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