First Friday: H.A. Brown Elementary art show!

H.A. Brown Elementary had their second annual art show this past Friday night in our space. The rain kept our attendance a little lower than last year (I think about 50 showed up), but it is still by far Friends of H.A. Brown Team’s best event for connecting long-time resident families with new families. Kids were celebrated, food was shared, and we raised $150 for the art program through raffle items. On a personal note, I’m really pumped Shirley (my daughter) is going to start there in the fall. It was a great conversation starter with families on Friday night, and put veteran HAB parents in the role of being the experts of their school community.

Amanda Capasso offers some lovely photos of the evening here.

-Lauren Stichter, reporting

Lauren Stichter is a cell leader and member of the Circle of Hope Events team. She also leads the children’s team at Frankford Ave., and works at Moore College in their grad program.

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