First Friday with Madi Pfaff

Thoughts Before the Show

Almost every month, I get to help the artists we show at our gallery at 2007 Frankford Ave put up their work for their First Friday show. Every artist differs not just in their work, but in how they actually hang their pieces, and it’s fascinating for me to think about. Some need me to physically get involved, and trust my judgement on spacing and making sure the work is even, while others plan it out and have their work up in 30 minutes or less.

This month Madi Pfaff, a member of Circle of Hope, who shows work under Wild Little Paintings (@wildlittlepaintings) is our artist. I’m writing this as Madi hangs her work, and it’s great to see how she figures out how she wants to present everything. She’s quick and efficient and only needs my help occasionally, and we talk about all sorts of things, from my obsession with tying a Tennessee Williams play to a Nina Simone song and her work with Mural Arts. We had two very enthusiastic friends stop into gush excitedly about her show, which is the first time she’s showing work in an actual gallery, not a businessthe people that will come to see her work, not just happen upon it when they come in for something else.

Thoughts After the Show

After the show: on Friday night, we had approximately 70 folks come through to see Madi’s work! I know she sold quite a few pieces, and has plenty of more she’d like you to take off her hands, so she has space to create more work. We also added a new element to the evening, and had a live music performance by another Circle member, Kent Ellingson. We definitely hope to add more musicians to first Fridays, as we go forward.

The Gallery does not have regular hours, but Madi’s work will be up for the rest of September, and you can view it before and after our Sunday Meetings, as well as on Game Night on September 22nd!

-Amanda Capasso, writing

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