Getting over the “hump” with Cell Leaders

Our basic unit of life in Christ is a cell – a circle of ten. Each cell has a leadership team, called a nucleus (we’re “all in” on the biotic metaphor). The nucleus is comprised of the leader, apprentice leader, and host. The cell leaders gather in smaller clusters each month for some relational care, what we call the Coordinating Group meeting, and they gather as one big team once a month to get some training and to build the gravity of our whole movement, what we call the Cell Leader Training.

This month at the Cell Leader Training, one of our pastors, Ben White, taught us about how getting train cars into their yard/home required addressing a point of resistance, or getting over the hump. Leaders face resistance from within and without, so there are lots of ways leaders need to get over the hump. This is true for everyone, really. Anything worth doing won’t be all easy. Ben gave us a useful reminder about how sticking to our strategies of being mindful of the next person and intentionally praying for our next partners can help leaders get over the hump of their resistance–wherever it is coming from.

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