Holy Week is here

We are in it. Holy Week is here. We are journeying with Jesus to his death. There is an opportunity to show up every day this week to move through the scripture and experience something together that connects us to Jesus in a very embodied way. Palm branches and communion, echoing chambers filled with harmonies, dialogue and tension, shattering of ceramics and piercing alarms, the sweetness of figs and quiet space for hope… Since Sunday, we have experienced a lot. And there is more to come.

While we do this, the rest of life doesn’t stop. We still have responsibilities of work or school, the needs of those who rely on us, and the daily maintenance of our bodies and our lives. But showing up is worth it. None of us can do this life of faith on our own. As we rearrange our lives to follow Jesus together into death, we also get into the new life that is possible with Jesus on the other side. It is not too late. Come to Bethany tonight with Jesus and his disciples at 2007 Frankford Ave. to re-place yourself in the narrative. There are no special requirements—this is not for the super holy. It is for all of us who need to see, hear, smell, feel something to know Jesus. This life of faith is not just in our heads and hearts; it is in our bodies, too. Holy Week is all about that.

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