Holy Week is on our radar

I let Holy Week pass me by until I became part of Circle of Hope. Over the years it’s become the climax to an annual season. Walking with Jesus during his suffering can actually help us to be conscious of Jesus walking with us in ours. I get to as many of the offerings as I can because I want to be shaped by this consequential week in the life (death and resurrection) of Jesus.

Last year we tried some new ideas as a church, continuing to experiment with filling public spaces with worship, bearing witness, or bringing attention to God in places that scream for attention—such as the corporation who built the tallest building in Center City is working on a new tallest one right next door! This video gives a taste of what we did at one of the Holy Week Observances last year, moved by Mark 13 when Jesus responds to his disciples’ awe at the tall buildings.



As a church we’re considering this Lent what we need to resist. It’s brought up a lot and across our church we are stirred up. I suggest you start planning now for how to get to as many of these Sunday meetings and midweek observances as you can, as even our cells are using them for their meetings. You can keep up with all the details on our website at this easy-to-remember location—http://circleofhope.net/holyweek

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