Kendra’s Resistance Art

Kendra DeSimone is one of many artists who offer their incredible gifts to Circle of Hope on a regular basis. During Lent, at our meetings in South Jersey, we are using stamps that she made to remind us of what we need to resist.

One of our proverbs is “We expect people to express their gifts, talents, art and worship.” Kendra is rising to this expectation, big time. And she said having a regular deadline is enriching the rest of her artistic discipline, too!

And Kendra is not alone. New songs are written almost every week (check out our audio art team’s bandcamp for some of our original music), poems and litanies are written, videos are made… and all for us! I am so grateful for all of the many the artists among us!

Stamps from Kendra who attends Circle of Hope church in South JerseyHer idea for making stamps for us to print during our Sunday meetings at 3800 Marlton Pike was inspired by resistance art from various movements around the world. We have a clear message from Jesus that needs to get out there en masse.

Top row, left to right: “There is enough with Jesus,” and “Sharing freely unleashes us from the bonds of scarcity.”

Bottom row, left to right: The lies of power tempt us to go it alone but we can resist,” and “Jesus’ way of nonviolence is actually a viable option for us.”

Spread the word!

-Ben White

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