The kids popped up in the Northwest!

A flexible body

I think it is pretty remarkable that we have a flexible, moveable meeting once a month designed specifically for kids and adults to deepen relationships with God and one another. This past weekend, the Morning Sunday Meeting—for kids and those who love them—popped up in the Northwest Philadelphia, at the playground of the Kendrick Rec Center.

It was a good to be together for play, worship and community. I needed more of each of those things after the horror of this past week. At one point during the morning, while the kids played, a few of us were talking about the recent police brutality and how we are helping our kids understand the realities of the world. We all agreed—as two so-called white women and one woman of color—that what we teach our kids about their lived experiences and those of others who do not look like them will shape them into the next generation that will either perpetuate or actively resist racism and this culture of violence.

A team effort

In an era where lots of churches are aging, Circle of Hope has a ton of kids! We have a unique opportunity to create an environment where children’s faith can develop as they do, where they will learn more by what we do than by what we say. Like everything we do, caring for children is a team effort. We need each other and we need God. And in a world that is wracked with violence and racism, raising anti-racist children is a powerful Jesus act of resistance and revolution, and I am glad I have this community to help me do it. Are you looking for a Jesus community in which to raise your kids? Join us.

-Julie Hoke, reporting

Julie-staffJulie Hoke has been a part of the leadership team of Circle of Hope for many years—leading cells and cell leaders and this year serving as the lead cell leader coordinator for the whole church. She is now the affiliated pastor with our Northwest Church Plant.

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