Listen to Deep Peace

You have to listen to this song! And once you do, you’ll put it on repeat. It has a melody that is difficult and delicate enough that it is fun to learn and master (that’s one thing I liked about it anyway). It holds a hefty place in your mind if you take the time to place it there firmly enough. But, beyond the mechanics, it speaks so deeply to the depth of peace I feel we all need right now during the pandemic. Can you imagine mastering the meaning of this blessing? What if all creation were always speaking “Deep Peace” to you? Well it is, and we need a beautiful reminder like the one that Pat and Dan McGowan put together last week during our Holy Week Observances (Learn more about Holy Week at I asked Pat a few questions about the song. -Ben White

Pat McGowan on tour with his band, The Tea Club
Pat McGowan on a recent tour with his band, the Tea Club

Ben – How does this song speak to you during this time? 
Pat – The song persistently talks about “Deep Peace.” I want to understand what that means. I am longing for deep peace, as I imagine many are, and the “Deep Peace of Christ” sounds very wonderful and mysterious to me. It seems like something very worth understanding.

Ben – What do you make of the lyrics, and all the nature imagery? 
Pat – I love them. They are inviting me to find peace in any ordinary moment which all seems to be part of a deeper peace, the Deep Peace of Christ. I really need that right now.
Ben – How did you create this arrangement and who was involved? What was it for? 
Pat – Circle of Hope offers a number of ways for people to engage with Holy Week every year. This year things were different because of covid-19, so we decided to make a series of videos offering scripture reading and time for contemplation. My brother Dan and I were asked to do music for a video that our friend, Scott Sorrentino, was going to make. Dan and I had recently learned of this song and it seemed very appropriate. Dan made the arrangement based off a video he found online. He’s the one singing lead and playing the acoustic guitar as well. He did a beautiful job and it was a joy to add my parts to his stellar work. I sing some harmonies and play the electric guitar. I also added a simple lead at the end. I was inspired by the sweetness of the arrangement and wanted to give it a nice little send off. Scott made a very moving and powerful video using the song. [You can watch it/Pray it here] I was struck by it and sent it to my good friend Zach Baer thinking he might enjoy it. He sent me this lyric video of the song an hour later as a gift.

Ben – When you sang it, did you experience any peace yourself? It sounded like you did. 
Pat – The song has a very soothing quality almost like a lullaby. I also recorded my parts in my basement around one in the morning so it all had a very comforting effect on me. Working on the song has been my way of trying to understand the “Deep Peace of Christ.” I got a little taste of it while making the recording. I’m hoping others can get a little of that too when they listen to it.

Ben – Where can people find more music you’ve made? 
Pat – My brother Dan and I are in a band called The Tea Club. We put a little Tea Club into this song so if anyone is interested they’re welcome to visit our band’s website at for more. 

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