Living Lives of Faith

Kids experience God’s love at Circle of Hope

I recently met with our Circle of Hope Children’s Leadership Team at South Broad. I am so thankful for partners who love kids and want to create a space where kids can experience God’s love. As we met together, we discussed ways to organize the time with our kids to create a safe place for them to experience God’s love and to meet Jesus. Our kids meet Jesus through interacting with children’s team members and others in our community, through prayer and worship, and through hearing God’s story. We think our kids will learn more from what we do than what we say. So we want to live lives of faith for them to see.

Personal reflections

My parents led lives of faith that taught me about following Jesus. Next week my parents will fly back to Africa to work with Brethren in Christ World Missions for a year. My mom first went to Africa when she was a young woman right out of nursing school. She left her family and life in the States to follow God’s leading to serve him as a nurse in Zambia for a 7 year term. Her first trip to Africa took several months aboard a boat traveling across the Atlantic Ocean. It was that life of faith and commitment to God that was a model for me. I learned that Jesus should be the most important thing, worth leaving everything for and organizing my life around.

As I think of how my kids and our kids at Circle of Hope will come to know Jesus, I know that they need to see my life of faith and the lives of others in our community being lived out in front of them. I want them to meet Jesus in the community of people committed to following Him and organizing their lives around Him right here in Philadelphia. I’m grateful for a community of faith that is doing just that.

-Kim Crognale, writing

Kim Crognale leader of our Children's Team at Circle of Hope South BroadKim is leader of the Children’s Team at 1125 S. Broad St.




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