Love Feast: storytelling, baptism, worship, and communion

Our Love Feast is our quarterly celebration of our covenant. People enter our covenant when they want to make the next step in being a member of our common cause and vision. A covenant is made by partners who promise to give love and commitment without an end in mind for themselves. Their goal is to keep a reconciling, growing relationship alive, breeding love in the way of Jesus. A covenant is the heart of what keeps us together.

Love Feast is a time for faith storytelling, baptism, worship, and communion to unite us in our common purpose. We make the core of our love strong in covenant and in our Love Feast. We held several baptisms and welcomed five people into our covenant: Jasmine and Iboro Umana, Mercy Pawlowski, Jessica Santilli, Mable Bakali. Not to mention the great potluck of food!

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