Love is not a lost cause

They say that if something ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But Jesus-followers tend to resist the status quo. Maybe I should have followed that “play it safe” adage, but Jesus-followers don’t really get to play it safe. Our 7pm meeting was small and lovely and intimate, but we started to wonder if more friends could be included in this loveliness, especially friends who don’t normally think of the church as something for them. Friends who fall beyond the white, male, cisgender power structure that the POTUS promulgated last night. Friends who have felt excluded or even condemned by the church in the past. Friends who think religion is for less intelligent people but wonder about God anyway. Friends who could use some face-to-face community in their life because online dating is killing their faith in humanity.

We gathered a team and collected ideas. People suggested more time for quiet meditation and liturgy―creating and holding a sacred space. Let’s be who we are in community but not waste time with small talk in the meeting. Don’t force us into small talk in the meeting but do offer real community. Let’s experiment with different worship styles and practices. Let’s hear from diverse voices among and beyond us―maybe an interview-style like some of our other congregations have tried instead of a traditional sermon/talk.

This week local hip-hop celebrity Reef the Lost Cauze talked about the Trump administration being no different that any other administration in terms of the evil that oppressed groups endure, especially of the black diaspora in this country. It is disgusting, but it is not new. What could be new is the level of honesty and hope and love with which we face injustice and discrimination. Jesus has always been trying to turn the tables for the oppressed, so I hope more people join him. And that is the point of having a Sunday meeting right there: to join with Jesus in his mission not just for equality but for a new humanity that lives in love. This takes constant openness to God for transformation. When I feel discouraged about the world’s lack of progress I take comfort from John’s revelation to the church in Philadelphia that God has opened a door in us that no one can shut. We need to keep learning and showing up together.

This coming week at 6:15pm, on Feb 4, we’ll be watching the Birds win the Superbowl! Fingers crossed on the win part, but join us at 2214 S Broad St if you’re around, even if you don’t love football. This crew is the place to be.

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