We run and walk because Lupus affects our community

It’s time once again for the Lupus Loop! Last year our community showed up in a big way on behalf of those who have been diagnosed with Lupus. We raised over $2300 and had 86 people show up on a chilly morning to support our friends! We received an award for having the largest team from a community organization, and we’ll be back doing it again this year!

Why Lupus?

Lupus is an autoimmune disease, one of many. We have a for-profit healthcare system, so medical research is biased towards developing therapies that are more likely to bear profits. This disease disproportionately affects women of color, and research has been very slow for decades.

So, people join together at events like this to support each other, to raise money, and to make it clear: we expect medical research to help all people, not just the rich. Lupus is an under researched disease that can put to great use funds like the Lupus Loop will raise.

The Day of the Event

Never done this sort of thing? Here’s what to expect! You’ll wake up a little early on Sunday, October 30th. On the day of the run, you’ll come to the area around the Please Touch museum. You’ll want to eat a light breakfast, since there will a mountain of bananas to eat afterwards. At the grounds, you’ll see a bunch of people hanging out and being merry, and you’ll look for our team. Then, it’s hang out and wait. Worried that you might be cold in the early October air? Don’t worry, there will be loud music for warming up and dancing. When we start, people who want to run the 5k go first, and they are followed by everyone who wants to walk 2.5 miles. Then you get to walk along with your dog, your kids, your parakeet, or your friends. Especially those kids–burn off some of that sugar-fueled energy that they’ll be getting on Monday. There will be people cheering you on the whole way!

How to Register

You can register two ways. The easiest way is to go here and sign up, selecting ‘join a team.’ Our team name is “Circle of Hope”. You’ll also be asked to either pay a registration fee, or commit to fundraising $25. If you do the fundraising component, it allows your friends and family to donate and support from a distance. If you don’t get to your goal, that’s ok too.

Don’t want to make an account? Let Amanda Fury know and she’ll register you – [email protected].

Even if you can’t make it, and can’t donate, please pray for a clear and cool October morning, with lots of friends.

– Brought to you by the Compassion Core Team and Amanda Fury, our fearless Lupus Loop team leader

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