Moved by Love and Blessing

Some Things are Free!

My friend Donna’s post on Facebook over the weekend moved me. I thought the world should see it. It encapsulates what being Circle of Hope is all about. It inspires me to keep creating the church with anyone who will show-up…


Her Facebook post is especially relevant because she is so right! Here are three things she’s 100% right about:

1) Circle of Hope exists for love and blessing.

It is that basic. Ben White (our pastor at 3800 Marlton Pike in Pennsauken) said, “I had to keep having the same conversation with people over and over again. No, you cannot pay for this car wash. Please allow us to do it for free.” That was the point!

2) When Jesus shows up in the midst of our compassionate expressions (and he does), fear and anxiety subside.

There is so much that oppresses us and vies for our attention, but Jesus releases us from slavery to those things and sets us free to love with abandon.

3) When we gather as a community, connection is always made and faith grows.

Whether it’s gathering as cells, meeting to worship on Sundays, or actively demonstrating compassion, being the church is the best alternative to the evil in the world!

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