New Podcast! Resist and Restore

A New Podcast!

The pastors made a podcast! It’s called Resist and Restore. Tune-in bi-weekly as the Circle of Hope pastors—Rachel, Ben, Julie, and Jonny—sit down to dialogue about faith, God, Jesus, the spiritual life, and everything in between.

It’s brand new, but should soon be available, by searching “Resist and Restore” at the following places:

  • Spotify
  • iTunes
  • Google Play
  • Stitcher
  • CoH YouTube Channel
  • The RSS link can be found here, if you want to add it to your own podcast player.

About Episode 1

Episode 1: What does being beloved mean to you?

This week, the Circle of Hope pastors discuss what being beloved means to them. Ben gets angry in Mario Kart, but Martin Laird is there to instruct otherwise. Rachel is inspired by some awesome energy at a meeting where everyone told embarrassing stories about church experiences. Julie is heartened by a long prayer walk through the woods. And Jonny is deeply affected by Kobe Bryant and his humanity. And there’s so much more! Listen in to the inaugural episode of Resist and Restore.

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