Our Cells: gatherings of hope and transformation

What is our hope? How do we want God to show up here and now? How might we even encounter God? What urgent thing is happening right now to us, our families, and our world?

Circle of Hope is practicing a new expression of the church so we can bring that hope into this moment: your moment, your context, your real life. A hope bringing transformation and newness, spiritual depth and compassion for those around us. A hope of love and goodness, inspired by and lived through Jesus’ life and resurrection that we embody now. A hope of connection and depth with God and others.

We need new environments in which we can ask these vulnerable questions and give our authentic answers, and feel that hope and transformation. Even if there’s doubt, even if there’s pain, even if there’s surprises. God meets us in all those places. God meets us right here where we are⁠—in our normal, messy lives.

In Circle of Hope we make cells, these little organic face-to-face groups of people, that ask these questions, embodying that hope and transformation. In these groups, Jesus makes the safety and provides the faith. We build the trust and practice the love. It’s wonderful what can happen. We want to do it over and over again.

So we’re starting fresh this September. The cell movement is new again and we’re looking for new people who need the spaces we are making with Jesus. It’s what’s next in Circle of Hope.

Listen and watch as Ben, Rachel, Julie, and Jonny, our pastors, explain our vision, reveal their cells, and invite us into the movement.

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