Partnering in Love to Serve our Neighborhood Children

Education and justice are connected

At Circle of Hope, one of our driving convictions is the belief that generating justice and hope in our neighborhood must be at the heart of us. We work out that conviction by partnering with organizations that serve our surrounding communities. One such neighborhood organization is Neighbors Investing in Childs Elementary (or NICE). They aim to “support excellent education for all children in the G.W. Childs catchment area,” which includes a significant portion of Point Breeze. NICE formed in 2012 when members of Circle of Hope organized with neighbors to put together an art show fundraiser. Through their efforts, they provided the school with much needed art supplies.

The woeful state of Philly school funding is widely documented and discussed. (Did you know that Philly schools run out of paper every year?) We follow Jesus in his example of loving and serving those who are ignored or actively marginalized by the powers that be. One way we do that is by affirming the mission of NICE and gladly counting ourselves among its allies.

From Megan Rosenbach:

This year NICE is setting out to raise $10,000 for the school, which will help support art programming, schoolyard renovation planning, and literacy tutors. Their first event to help them reach this goal is a happy hour fundraiser at American Sardine Bar (1800 Federal Street) on Wednesday September 14th from 5 – 7 PM.

If you would like more information, please contact: [email protected]

Phil Walton, reporting

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