Praying for undocumented restaurant workers

We pray in solidarity

South Philly Barbacoa’s co-owner Benjamin Miller briefly spoke at our Sunday meeting last week at 2007 Frankford Ave. He stood alongside attorney Tom Griffin and organizer Steph Irwin. We stood in solidarity with their work and asked God to move on behalf of poor and working class immigrants with paperwork issues. They shared some personal and all-too-common stories of undocumented immigrant restaurant workers. This is especially relevant because anyone who works or eats in a restaurant has a connection to these folks.


They’ve begun a very grassroots work called #right2work dinners. Their hope is to appeal to hearts and minds of restaurant owners, chefs, workers, and anyone else who will hear the human plight of immigrants who face threats of deportation, incarceration, or other coercion, due often to factors beyond their control. The mayor and other local politicians have been in the dialogue. The group feels hopeful that Philadelphia can become a sanctuary city, where people cannot be legally prosecuted just for having status issues in the nation in which they reside. We’ve begun planning a dinner at one of our sites. We will be partnering with chefs and organizational leaders to share a lovely meal for a donation of your choosing.

Look for more info info in coming weeks. In the meantime, pray in solidarity with us as we pray for those who help make our city amazing.

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