Raising $3700 for Community Bail Fund

Our Compassion Team Circle Mobilizing Because Black Lives Matter (CMBBLM) would like to thank everyone who shopped at Circle Thrift last Saturday as Circle Thrift donated 100% of its proceeds to The Philadelphia Community Bail Fund. The three locations raised $3,703 to help re-connect Philadelphians, who are awaiting trial, to their families, rather than sit in jail because they can’t pay their bail. That’s additional to the $5,000 we raised at Turn Up to Bail Out last November for the CBF and the 567 Prisoner Care Kits we helped assemble with MCC last week.

This money sends a message to these women and men that they are valuable. It gleefully contradicts the message sent by our bail system that colludes with a bent justice system. That message, equivocating guilt with race or economic standing, has no place in the Upside-Down Kingdom of Heaven. Thanks, all of you who are working to turn these systems on their heads.

-Report by Kris Eden (pictured left) with Andrew Yang (co-leader of the CMBBLM team)

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