A Somber Energy: is there a digital answer in this pandemic? (Ep 11)

Episode 11: A Somber Energy: is there a digital answer in this pandemic?

The Circle of Hope pastors share some of their heart, thoughts, and grief on police brutality and the protesting of George Floyd’s tragic and unjustified death. They delve deep into their Christian response on this tragedy and Jesus’ own alternative of justice and peace as an answer to state power.

But first, they do a little reflection on worshiping live and the wonder and praise delivered through digital means, the way that the pandemic crisis and the digital answer to it has made new ways for the Holy Spirit to show up.

They end the time with some brightness, sharing a little Spiritual Show and Tell. Jonny is inspired by Wilda Gafney’s Womanist Midrash. Rachel has been reading some novels, including the award-winning book The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead. Ben was lightened by the breeze blowing through his windows. Julie is inspired by a listener’s inspiration brought on by the podcast itself!

All this and more on Resist and Restore!

Black lives murdered, recorded on the streets of Minneapolis. Photo credit to Star Tribune photographer Aaron Lavinsky via robertbuck.blog


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