Finding the Joy & are there moments when you feel small? (Ep 16)

Episode 16: Finding the Joy & are there moments when you feel small?

The Circle of Hope pastors start off with a little talkback from our recent Sunday online meeting. We’ve been passing the mike around at our Sunday online meetings, since we have a lot of great people who make up this body of ours. Recently our friend Pete talked about, among many things, speaking the truth in love and moments of feeling or staying small. The pastors discuss the question: “What encouragement from God do you find when you come against the tendency to become or stay small?” Later in the podcast, stories of joy! There’s been a lot in the news that can make us feel despairing, so the pastors remind us of the joy that we can find in the strangest moments. Ben is mistaken for a bear. Rachel loves eating flowers. Julie gets meditative on painting a door. And Jonny finds laughter and jokes in random places. Later, some Spiritual Show and Tell with a few book and TV recommendations. All this and more on Resist and Restore!

Show Notes:

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