God as a Mother and Raising kids in a village (Ep 17)

Episode 17: God as a Mother and Raising kids in a village

The freedom to call God “Mother” when relating to her is worth saying over and over again. The pastors delve deep into God’s relation to gender, or lack thereof, and how we can see God in a multitude of relational ways. Following this, the pastor’s talk about Circle of Hope’s vision for Village Parenting, and how to raise and foster children’s faith by not reducing their faith development to moral lessons and instruction, and offering the space to creatively imagine how we worship and how we relate to God. Later a little Spiritual Show and Tell: Rich Mullins, Drew Hart, gardening, surfing… All this and more on Resist and Restore.

Show Notes:

Talk Back – On Mother God

God is not genderless, God is gender-full

Matthew 23:37

Hosea 13

Main Topic – On Village Parenting

Village Parenting Resource site

About Children and Teens at Circle of Hope

Spiritual Show and Tell

Rich Mullins Website

Boy Like Me/Man Like You

Who Will Be A Witness by Drew Hart

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