Interview with Drew Hart: Jesus and political action, what is Christian Supremacy (Ep 18)

Episode 18: Interview with Drew Hart: Jesus and political action, what is Christian Supremacy

Talking back on how to survive during this prolonged Covid crisis. No physical touch? Meetings all look the same, meeting fatigue? Days running together? Our pastors talk about the struggles and share some of our community’s ways that they’re enduring these tough times.

Jonny interviews Drew Hart who just released a new book “Who Will Be a Witness.” Jonny delves deep with Drew on his new book, including Jesus’ participation in political action, what Christian Supremacy is and how it affects the church, on white supremacy, economic injustice, and more. A deep conversation filled with fresh ways of thinking about the Bible and strategies for what social justice we can participate in now.

A little Show and Tell to finish out the episode: the joy of a son playing soccer, a book on the spiritual journey, the wonders of a fishtank, the swans return to the lake!

Show Notes:

Talk Back – On Surviving Covid

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Main Topic – Drew Hart Interview

From Drew Hart’s website:

Drew G. I. Hart is an author, activist, and professor in theology in the Bible and Religion department at Messiah University with ten years of pastoral experience. Hart majored in Biblical Studies at Messiah College as an undergrad, he attained his MDiv with an urban concentration from Biblical Theological Seminary, and he received his PhD in theology and ethics from Lutheran Theological Seminary-Philadelphia.

Dr. Hart’s dissertation considered how Christian discipleship, as framed by Black theologies and contemporary Anabaptism, gesture the western Church towards untangling the forces of white supremacy and the inertia of western Christendom which have plagued its witness in society for too long. As two traditions that emerged from the underside of violent and oppressive western Christian societies, he found Black theologies and Anabaptism each repeatedly turning to the particularity of Jesus in the gospel narratives, ultimately calling for an ethic of liberation in the Black Church and an ethic of peacemaking in the Anabaptist tradition. Hart finds the practice of reading Jesus not only for the Church, but also against it, to be a vital dimension in salvaging western Christianity from itself […]

Spiritual Show and Tell

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