Space for Questions, Room for Wonder: does faith have to be certain? (Ep 19)

Episode 19: Space for Questions, Room for Wonder: does faith have to be certain?

The Circle of Hope pastors get into some rich discussions on this week’s episode. Thanks to our listeners who offered them some deep stuff to chew on! In the first Talkback section, the pastors discuss making space for questions, leaving room for wonder in our faith, and that “correct” answers, rights and wrongs, can often lead from faith into faithlessness. Our faith is much more than exactitude, but is built on the wonder and mystery of God who is much bigger than our answers could ever hold. A little later in the show, another listener asks them about what questions they hold about faith currently, what questions are left lingering for them, and what they are desiring from God right now. To top it off, a little Show and Tell: an event on anti-racism, Andorra Meadow, Sufjan Stevens, socially distant worship. All this and more on Resist and Restore!

Show Notes:

The Ascension by Sufjan Stevens

Befriending Our Desire by Philip Sheldrake

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