Collecting Joy and Origin Stories (Ep 20)

Episode 20: Collecting Joy and Origin Stories

Circle of Hope pastors start out with some moments of insight from a recent women’s retreat. Julie and Rachel report on lots of great conversations: from perfectionism and white supremacy, how God is freeing us from all our baggage, even about Monarch butterflies, among many other points of light. Next, the pastors get into their origin stories, answering a listener’s question about what were they doing before being pastors. The pastors go through some of their journeys, and how that prior work and learning shaped who they are now. Finally, a little Show and Tell: 10 years of being a pastor, Third Day, little acts of kindness like baking for a neighbor, and The Soulmaking Room.

Show Notes

The Soulmaking Room, by Dee Dee Risher

Five Iron Frenzy Currently, FIF has a Kickstarter campaign for their new record.

These Thousand Hills by Third Day

View from the High Point of New Jersey

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