We Need a Better Way: Walter Wallace Jr and the Election of our lives (Ep 21)

Episode 21: We Need a Better Way: Walter Wallace Jr and the Election of our lives

It’s a big podcast with a lot of big and difficult conversations, as big as this year of 2020 has been. From Walter Wallace Jr to the upcoming election, the pastors offer some insights, wisdom, prayers, and hopes about the looming social and political issues.

Show Notes

Litany for Walter Wallace
by Raleigh Booze

Oh God,
We mourn the death of Walter Wallace Jr.
Another black man fallen unjustly victim to police brutality in the US
Lord, we need a better way
Lord we need your way

We grieve with Walter’s family, his community of West Philadelphia,
the country, and the world, We grieve with you Jesus
Lord we need a better way
Lord we need your healing

May we not jump to intellectualizing the deeply-rooted/historic problem of racism
or condemn how others are processing their grief
Lord we need a better way
Lord give us humility

May we establish alternatives to dealing with mental health crises
that don’t resort to violence—

that restore, transform and maintain dignity and respect for human life
Lord we need a better way
Lord convict us to transform the status quo

May we have the right words for the students we work with
especially those touched by this situation
Lord we need a better way
Lord help us be present

Lord you gave us Jesus to show us the meaning of love
We live in a world that often operates counter to everything that you are and have always been.
Give us hope. Don’t allow us to succumb to despair
We ask all of these things in your name


Ben’s blog on the election.

Jonny’s blog on the election.

Ben loves Christopher Jackson singing “One Last Time” from Hamilton

The book Rachel spoke about: Born from Lament by Emmanuel Katongole

Julie read The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo with her kids.

Ben was talking about https://jesuscollective.com/

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