Love is Our Belief: how dialogue holds together community (Ep 22)

Episode 22: Love is Our Belief: how dialogue holds together community

Starting off with some talkback! A listener responds to our election discussion and why is it that people can start from the same place of Jesus and yet move in such very different directions politically. Also, how does the future hope of a new humanity, of that future kingdom of God, affect our present action and movement in the world? Following this, the pastors get deep on a huge topic around Circle of Hope, the idea that dialogue is important and protects the gravity of our community. Our dialogue helps keep us together more than simply a set of doctrines or ideas about God, many of which were formulated in their time and place to bind people to community. Not everyone, especially now, is into a strict set of beliefs, and often there are many who have doubts, live in a gray space addressed better by listening and dialogue. A pastor, for instance, can have as many questions about faith as anyone else can! We need conversation, faith, love, Jesus and his grace to hold us. Lastly, some Show and Tell: adoring the stars and planets, discovering our spiritual ancestors, the Prophet Elijah and hope, and the pastoral wisdom of Dave Chappelle.

Show Notes

Jacob’s Trouble “These Thousand Hills” (1988)

Circle of Hope’s proverbs

Robert Gates’ Passion for Leadership (2016)

Council of Chalcedon

“Lord, I believe! Help my unbelief!”

Jesus said to him, “Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have come to believe.” John 20:29.

Daily Prayer and Transhistorical Blogs: – Elijah’s being and doing as much if not more than his words. – Lucretia Mott, Sundar Singh, Martin de Porres so far in November. Teresa of Avila, Harriet Tubman, Oscar Romero, and Ignatius of Loyola are on there too, and were celebrated in our Sunday meetings this month! Jarena Lee will be added.

Dave Chappelle on SNL being surprisingly pastoral.

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