A Grammar for Self Discovery: what number are you on the Enneagram? (Ep 10)

Episode 10: A Grammar for Self Discovery: what number are you on the Enneagram?

The Circle of Hope pastor’s start out with a little talkback, pondering answers to the question this week from our Instagram: “What strategies have you used to pay attention?” Setting timers, standing, coffee, making and keeping routines, doing chores, and many more are considered, as well as a few of their own ideas on what they do to help with focus and concentration. Later, the pastors do a deep dive into the Enneagram, discussing the great wisdom learned from it, their use of it as a helpful tool in spiritual development and personal growth. They regard some of the dangers and pitfalls as well. They end their time with what’s been nourishing their souls: a poem from Malcom Guite, a Bible study and reflection tool, a new socially conscious Instagram, the Chicago Bulls…All this and more on Resist and Restore!


  • Thanks to our listener who wrote in with appreciation about our connection to folks in sanctuary from ICE as they await their immigration hearings. Our Solidarity Beyond Borders Compassion Team organizes with New Sanctuary Movement.
  • What’s in the air? Has the Enneagram been useful to you?
  • Papa Rohr was the way into the Enneagram for many of us in Circle of Hope. Here’s a review of his book with Andreas Ebert The Enneagram: A Christian Perspective.
  • Suzanne Stabile came to do a conference at Circle of Hope last year. We enjoyed her storytelling around the Enneagram and loved meeting lots of new friends from across the region.
  • Ben mentions Father Thomas Keating and his idea of “emotional programs for happiness.” He has been a major source of depth for many leaders in Circle of Hope. Here is our review of his primer, Invitation to Love.
  • Jonny References Paul’s “Mars Hill Message” in Acts 17.
  • Circle Counseling: www.circlecounseling.com/
  • Bonus: Ben highly recommends the Dream of Blue Turtles, an album by Sting.
  • Malcolm Guite’s Ascension Day Sonnet (Click the “Buy Me a Coffee” button to help him out. A big chunk of his income is speaking engagements that are all cancelled due to the pandemic.)
  • Our Way of Jesus site’s Gifts for Growing section: wayofjesus.circleofhope.net/giftsforgrowing
  • 2PROAPT – An acronym that gives you something concrete to do with a Bible passage. Pray, Preview, Read, Observe, Apply, Pray, Tell.
  • No White Saviors: instagram.com/nowhitesaviors

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