Turning to the Healer: the struggle with addiction and the twelve steps (Ep 12)

Episode 12: Turning to the Healer: the struggle with addiction and the twelve steps

This week, the Circle of Hope pastors answer a concerned listener who is considering how to act as a pacifist during these trying times. They delve into deeper discussions on violence, being an ally, and the work of healing amidst the present struggles. Later, Rachel interviews a close friend and leader in Circle of Hope, Jimmy Weitzel, on his former addiction and how the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous moved him into closer relationship with God, and its overall relation to Jesus. The pastors end their dialogue with a little Spiritual Show and Tell, from having someone over (finally) for a meal to a beautiful passage from the book Just Mercy. All this and more on Resist and Restore!


  • More info on Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12 Steps
  • Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson
  • Some transition music was sourced from Free Music Archive (freemusicarchive.org): Band – .Tape. (dot tape dot) / Track – “Sea-Scaping Monthly”

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