Art Faith Faith Art: how is God seen in art? (Ep 14)

Episode 14: Art Faith Faith Art: how is God seen in art?

The pastors start out with some talkback from our Sunday meeting: how do you sustain friendships during this isolating time of covid? Following this are the wonderful and thoughtful minds of some of Circle’s very talented people. Each of the pastors dive deep with some artists from our community on how their faith and art intersect, understanding more about their process, how they see God in their art, how their art not just engages their faith but also interacts and is inspired by the world around them. Lastly, the pastors wrap up with a little show and tell, a lot of love for the musical Hamilton and the poet Denise Levertov. All this and more on Resist and Restore!


  • Circle of Hope Audio Art — All of our original music is here.
  • Circle of Hope Daily Prayer WATER entry
  • Hamilton is streaming on Disney+
  • Kristen Snow: @ka.snow.
  • Jeffy Thomas: | @cuttinkstudio
  • Stevie Neale: Teaching artist at Dancing Classrooms Philly and Teaching Artist at Philadelphia Young Playwrights
  • Ray Wright: @right.heres.fine
  • Some transition music was sourced from Free Music Archive
    Drake Stafford | Song: Only Love | Used under Creative Common License

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