You’ve Got 72 Hours: how do you do conflict? (Ep 2)

Episode 2: You’ve Got 72 Hours: how do you do conflict?

This week, the Circle of Hope pastors talk about waiting and what it is. Jonny gets hype about Sixers and trusting the process. Rachel reads a poem given to her when she became a pastor. Julie shares about childhood grief and swimming. The pastors ponder Matthew 18 and how to do conflict in community and all about the Cut Off. Later in the podcast, they do a little Spiritual Show and Tell and the beautiful things they’ve seen, giving their blessings and props where they’re due, talking about Rachel’s friend Jill and fraktur art, Henri Nouwen, Pete(r) Seeger! And Ben reads an original poem (!) inspired by Scottish author and poet and minister, George MacDonald. And there’s so much more!


Rachel reads a Philip Booth poem, “First Lesson.”

Ben reads an original poem, available on his blog:

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