A Spiritual Gym and pastors who aren’t men (Ep 3)

Episode 3: A Spiritual Gym and pastors who aren’t men

This week, the Circle of Hope pastors talk about what Lent offers. Lent is a spiritual gym. It’s about going through the pain we are feeling and the distance we feel, acknowledging our own suffering and letting God meet us there and change us. After a little group discussion, we do something special! Julie and Rachel interview each other on being women pastors in an age where it is still often questioned in many churches. They also expound on their need for community and village parenting, and share some personal stories about their experience in becoming church leaders. Later, a little Spiritual Show and Tell. Rachel brings her adoration of Ash Wednesday and some special stuff that happened during it. Ben reads a follow-up poem from last week’s episode. Julie talks about the New Sanctuary Movement and some defeating of ICE! Jonny shares about an old hymn that affected him. All this and more on Resist and Restore!!


Ben White read a Philip Booth poem, “How to See a Deer.”

The Move Through the Pain event is March 8, 2020 at 7:30-9pm, 1125 S. Broad St. Philadelphia, PA

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