Cherry Blossoms, Divine Feminine, and TikTok (Ep 5)

Episode 5: Cherry Blossoms, Divine Feminine, and TikTok

Still out of the studio, we continue our remote dialogue. The pastors start out with a little “Showback” (see link to pictures below). They go through a series of nature pictures that people sent us, admire them, and talk nature and the beauty of Creation. And Jonny learns what a cherry blossom is! Following that, Jonny interviews our friend Jeana Master about her music, her new album, the songwriting process, the divine feminine, and worship music! Later, a little Spiritual Show and Tell. Rachel’s soul nourished by a fellow Anabaptist who gathered pastors to talk about how to care for the most vulnerable. Ben gets into TikTok. Julie is inspired by Dutch author Etty Hillesum. Jonny gives us some cooking tips.


Jeana and Mikey Master’s Bandcamp: Their old Bandcamp | Their new Bandcamp

Circle of Hope Audio Art

Julie’s link to Etty Hillesum here.

During this time of crisis, The Simple Way is distributing food to the public on Mondays 12pm-1pm and Wednesdays 9:30am-11:30am.

Jonny’s Food IG

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