Solidarity in Vulnerability: spiritual disciplines during covid (Ep 6)

Episode 6: Solidarity in Vulnerability: spiritual disciplines during covid

This week, the Circle of Hope pastors discuss the breakout session talkback that happened after our last Sunday Online Meeting. From fresh-baked bread offered to be delivered to doorsteps to people helping others navigate unemployment, there was a lot of sharing and giving in this time of need during our breakout sessions. Later, the pastors take a long deep look into practicing contemplative prayer and finding silence, exploring ways to engage these spiritual disciplines during this time of self-isolation and COVID. Lastly, a little Spiritual Show and Tell! Ben on his love of birds and birdwatching; Rachel’s big cartoonish somersault from a balance board; Julie appreciating our friend Joel’s reflection on a tree; Jonny loves the ingenuity of protesting around Philadelphia City Hall for the concern of prisoner’s during Coronavirus. All this and more on Resist and Restore!


Joel’s blog on miracles.

The Car Protest

Holy Week

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