Wear White Anyway: how does suffering relate to God (Ep 7)

Episode 7: Wear White Anyway: how does suffering relate to God

This week, the pastors reflect on the talkback from our Palm Sunday breakout sessions that happened after our online meeting. Later, they address a listener’s great question: “How is God being with me in the midst of suffering and tragedy better than God protecting me from suffering and tragedy?” A deep conversation ensues on suffering and how it relates to God, how we grow and spiritually develop and become more reliant on God by suffering, how we walk with Jesus in suffering and how he transforms it, and how as Christians we want to alleviate it as well. A lot of opinions, thoughts, and ideas. From Psalms to anecdotes, a little shade at theologians…it gets real! A little Spiritual Show and Tell ends the time. Ben savors a win in Settlers of Catan but sees the deeper connection to his family life. Jonny is loving the book Pure, and loves that a food magazine changed its mind about woks. Rachel has some internal insights from God; we’re not just a means to an end but part of the end, and is working on her resurrection life. And Julie communes with God in her garden, and learns some lessons there.


The book Pure by Linda Kay Klein found at her website.

All about Holy Week here.

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