On the Frontline: interviews with those affected by covid-19 (Ep 8)

Episode 8: On the Frontline: interviews with those affected by covid-19

This week is a big episode! Jonny, Rachel, Ben, and Julie start out with several reflections on what’s happened in the last two weeks throughout Circle of Hope. Some great stuff has been going on. We’re very much alive and doing things, even in lockdown. From someone being celebrated in a unique way as an essential worker, a cell-goer being gifted a computer, all the way to the South Broad Street Neighbor’s Association giving out pizzas, and even an idea for online baptisms!

In the second section we dive deep! Jonny interviews social workers, doctors, and researchers from our community on the state of covid-19, their professional and personal experiences with it, many of whom are at the front lines. We even interviewed one of our friends who actually had covid-19 and her experience with it. We have a lot of great and caring people in our community. Tons of wisdom, insights, and ideas to take to heart and carry with us during these difficult times.

We end it with a little Spiritual Show and Tell. Jonny just wants his football. Ben has some nature experiences. Rachel relishes in her cell camaraderie and her friend who video’d a sign language dance. Julie is inspired by poetry from On Being and noticing the people who keep life going in the midst of our shelter in place.


Ben on Kittatinny

Kittatinny Ridge
https://kittatinnyridge.org/, www.nps.gov/dewa

Circle of Hope Daily Prayer WATER – After Resurrection

Poetry Unbound from On Being Studios with Padraig O’Tuama

LeeAnne O’Sullivan – “Leaving Early”

Music during the Covid-19 interview is by Daniel Birch called, “Daylight Hours,” from the Free Music Archive.

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