A Poorly Installed Countertop: Dealing with the Bible’s contradictions (Ep 9)

Episode 9: A Poorly Installed Countertop: Dealing with the Bible’s contradictions

The pastors begin by talking about people’s dreams once lockdown is lifted, and we can see each other again, including some of their own dreams.

In the second part, Rachel interviews Ben on the Bible and ways of reading and understanding it outside of the common cultural perspective that it might be a rule book, or has to be seen as a perfect book without any errors. The Bible is, in fact, much more nuanced, and filled with complexities and contradictions. How do we come to terms with those things or understand them? Ben offers some wonderful insights and a refreshing perspective.

Lastly, the pastors provide a little Spiritual Show and Tell. Julie loves a new book that she’s reading with our Circle Mobilizing because Black Lives Matter team. It’s called the Color of Compromise by Jamar Tisby which addresses churches and their complicity in racism. Jonny mourns the killing of Ahmaud Arbery’s murder, and that he’s glad to be part of an anti-racist church. Ben is inspired by a Psalm. Rachel celebrates the growth in her cell and the joining of a family who is in sanctuary at the moment.

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