Someone Asked: “How can I be a part of the church when Christians did me so wrong?”

SOMEONE ASKED: “How can I be a part of the church when Christians did me so wrong?”

Circle of Hope pastors discuss the relational aspects of being part of a church and why people have trouble connecting when Christians have hurt others.

Here’s a few noted ideas that they explore in this video:

  • We want people to connect and receive the love of Jesus.
  • If someone’s been hurt and they are suspicious, this is okay.
  • The church hurts people because people in church are human beings and are hard to be with sometimes. Church is a place where you’re hoping to find some safety and when that gets betrayed that’s a hard thing to recover from. We are striving to learn to love beyond conflicts and hurts.
  • Church, historically as an institution, has been problematic.
  • We don’t want to let institutions or people who are mean drive our expression of conviction and calling as a follower of Jesus and member of Christ’s body. We have to work out a sense of calling and vocation and community. Focus on convictions and calling, despite obstacles.
  • Use counseling or other forms of therapy to be able to become more conscious of our stuff that might unconsciously hurt others. Lifelong journey with Jesus to uncover our stuff and be healed. We have some avenues to work on that together.

Check it out below!

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