Someone Asked: “How do you actually pray?”

SOMEONE ASKED: “How do you actually pray?”

Circle of Hope pastors discuss what kind of spiritual life they have and how they foster it with the help of prayer. Each of them shares their personal engagement with prayer and different ideas on how to approach it.

About Someone Asked: The Circle of Hope pastors spend a lot of time in conversation. We’ve collected some topics that people actually ask us. We choose one in which we’ll spend about five minutes monthly. Let’s see what happens!

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  1. encounterillumination Reply

    I got something from each of your suggestions..thank you all. I wake up nearly everyday filled with anxiety about just the act of getting out of bed feeling like ‘too much’. I toss and turn and fight it tooth and nail most days. The insight spirit has given me over the years is that while I was asleep in my mother’s womb, I could hear the anger, drunkenness of her father and fear of her mother. I could feel my mother’s shame as I was fed by her and took on an identity of burden. Facing the light for me feels like being born into a broken, unwelcoming world. I wonder how many millions of other children out there carry this wound? So if I dont first put on HIS Glory, releasing my pain, I take it into my day and project it. I lay on the earth and breathe, I sit before my mother mary statue and Jesus rosary and light candles in the dark and center in silence and stillness. Most days nothing happens and I accept it is a humbling practice to empty myself….BUT, every once in awhile, my heart speaks clearly and miraculously.

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