Someone Asked: “How do you make a Spiritual Friend?”

Season 5, Episode 12

SOMEONE ASKED: “How do you make a Spiritual Friend?”

Part of making a Spiritual Friend is also defining what one is. Spiritual Friends have a level of mutual direction and intentionality that goes beyond similar hobbies or interests to delve deep into each other’s internal lives and concern over our connection to the Creator. Think about what it means to have a friend calling out the best in you, or helping to cultivate each other’s spiritual gardens. Watch and listen as the Circle of Hope pastors discuss this and more around an important topic in mutual spiritual development and how it is we can posture our lives toward the Way of Jesus.

About Someone Asked: The Circle of Hope pastors spend a lot of time in conversation. We’ve collected some topics that people actually ask us. We choose one in which we’ll spend about five minutes every other week. Let’s see what happens!

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