Someone Asked: “What do you think social media is doing to us?”

Season 5, Episode 13

SOMEONE ASKED: “What do you think social media is doing to us?”

There are numerous social and cultural implications of social media and modern technology. What are some of its deeper implications in our lives, what are its positives and its downfalls? From one angle, it has been about connecting with other people, useful for organizing events and sharing thoughts and ideas. Seen from another view, it creates distractions that can keep us from listening to God in our own minds and hearts; it can cause us to lose a crucial discipline of silence or have organic interactions with people. The Circle of Hope pastors discuss what do we do with it, the boundaries that we can and should create, as well as the potentially positive uses.

About Someone Asked: The Circle of Hope pastors spend a lot of time in conversation. We’ve collected some topics that people actually ask us. We choose one in which we’ll spend about five minutes every other week. Let’s see what happens!

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