Someone Asked: “Why do you want me to share my faith?”

Season 6, Episode 9

“Why do you want me to share my faith?”

Circle of Hope pastors discuss what exactly is sharing faith, and how it can often be misconstrued in a variety of ways: from being whittled to strange marketing tactics or being hard to talk about because of embarrassment over a Christian culture and civil religion that mis-represents Jesus’ message. There’s room to see what God is doing in each person, when we share our lives and faith with others, planting seeds of love all around us. It’s beyond anything we do or say, but an incarnational, face-to-face work of just being our selves in the world, bringing Jesus’ light everywhere we go.

About Someone Asked: The Circle of Hope pastors spend a lot of time in conversation. We’ve collected some topics that people actually ask us. We choose one in which we’ll spend about five minutes every other week. Let’s see what happens!

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