Someone Asked: “Why is it so hard to trust?”

Season 5, Episode 20

SOMEONE ASKED: “Why is it so hard to trust?”

It’s hard to trust when we’ve been hurt. We’re compelled to self protect, cloister away, never be vulnerable again. There’s a lot of reasons that people don’t trust each other. But, we also run risk of falling into a pattern of poking holes in everything and everyone. Trust doesn’t just come to you. It’s a two-way street. It requires risking some vulnerability, and that can be hard. We have to keep working it out. We’re learning to trust Jesus and other people around us. Finding ourselves in something bigger than we are shows that being hurt doesn’t have to be the finality of everything. But, it can be a long road to get there. Listen in as the Circle of Hope pastors discuss trust, their struggles with it, and their ideas for working out how to heal in order to trust again.

About Someone Asked: The Circle of Hope pastors spend a lot of time in conversation. We’ve collected some topics that people actually ask us. We choose one in which we’ll spend about five minutes every other week. Let’s see what happens!

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