Someone Asked: “Why do you worship, and what does that even mean?”

SOMEONE ASKED: “Why do you worship, and what does that even mean?”

Circle of Hope pastors discuss what worship is. Here’s a few of the ideas that they explore in this video:

  • We take ideas that ground us in faith and set them to music or some other expression that can make us move from an abstraction in our heads to something that can be made real.
  • Doesn’t have to be an epic emotional feeling. It can be silence and prayer, and a remembering of being created, and responding to something bigger than ourselves, and allowing God to feed us in the silence and restore us. Allows for a realignment of ourselves with the Creator.
  • Without worship, we shrink.
  • We’re trying to be a culture of people who connect with that Creator who made the sun and the moon and made us, and wonder via the different expressions of worship about those connections.
  • God is moved by our own praising and worshiping.
  • When our imaginations are going and our hearts are expressing their deepest feelings and we’re doing that together—that is an essential part of what can make up worship.
  • It’s a communal recalling to mind of who we are and who the source of our being is.

Check it out below!

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