Successful Opening at Gallery on Frankford Ave.

On Friday, November 4th, the Gallery and Events team had a successful opening of our collage base group show, This/That, an exhibition of experimental collage work from five Philadelphia-based women artists. Opening night was a relaxed affair, and a good time for folks to meet and talk with several of the artists. A majority of the artists featured have had work previously shown at the Gallery, at the June 2016 exhibition, What to Do, including Kristen Alyce Snow and Brittany Phillips. Throughout the evening, we had fifty visitors. Several were people who lived in the area, but didn’t know what Circle of Hope was, and were interested in connecting.

The Gallery and Events team is really growing and continuing strong through 2016, building relationships with the artists in our community, and the people surrounding us. We’re booked up for 2017, with again a mix of school connections, local artists, and months dedicated to more collaborative exhibitions. Our Songwriter’s Space is bringing musicians throughout the city together, and allowing us to open our space for more connections and allowing alternatives than the usual Friday night scene.

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