The Latest: Weekly Digital Digest | 8.16.18

Below you’ll find a ton of great thoughts, meditations, and ideas for offline dialogue, spiritual discipline, and encouragement. Engage with what you can!




These are our weekly and daily blogs revolving around prayer and the body of Christians as a whole.

Daily Prayer :: Wind
This site is for everyone who is taking their next steps of faith or first steps into a relationship with Circle of Hope. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with The Way of Jesus website found here.

▶ This week, Daily Prayer :: Wind continues covering Circle of Hope’s summer reading of Saying Yes to God. We will also have on August 23-24 online ZOOM sessions to see how many people we can get talking about what God is giving us through the reading of this book. Sign up here.

Daily Prayer :: Water
At this site we will enjoy many different voices who are being asked to take a week or two at a time to lead us. They may have a theme to follow at times, especially when the pastors are taking their turns, they may lead us through a book, or just give us what they think we need. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with our Way of Jesus website found here.

▶ Daily Prayer :: Water is also covering Tim Geoffrion’s book Saying Yes to God.


Celebrating Our Transhistorical Body

As a sister page to Circle of Hope Daily Prayer, we are celebrating Holy Days and certain influential people who have gone on into the Cloud of Witnesses.

▶ August 11 – Clare of Assisi
▶ August 16 – Charles Finney

Our Pastor’s Blogs

Our pastors will post their thoughts, insights, and ideas to their individual blogs. Some post more than others. Here are the latest posts and a directory of their blogs.

The latest posts

▶ Development – Rod White: Spiritual life on the edge and in the center: Joseph and my mentors

▶ more than self-expression – Jonny Rashid: Three of my necessary losses and how I grew through them.

For all the blogs check out the dropdown in the navigation menu.



About Someone Asked: The Circle of Hope pastors spend a lot of time in conversation. We’ve collected some topics that people actually ask us. We choose one in which we’ll spend about five to ten minutes every other week. Let’s see what happens! Subscribe to us on YouTube!


Sunday Meeting Talks

Available talks from this past Sunday. These talks can also be found at iTunes and Google Play. Just search for “Circle of Hope.” Or, on our website here.

▶ 2212 S. Broad St.: Engagement, Rachel Sensenig
▶ 2007 Frankford Ave: Tending our stories so that good fruit can grow, Bethany Hornak
▶ 3800 Marlton Pike: Will God answer my prayer when there’s all this suffering to deal with?, Ben White
▶ 3800 Marlton Pike 7pm: On Jonah, Tristan Gorman
▶ 2309 N. Broad St.: Moses’ Alternativity and the Royal Consciousness, Jonny Rashid
▶ 2309 N. Broad St. 7pm Interview: Shelby Smith on the work of the Defender Association
▶ 5720 Ridge Ave.: My Neighborhood, Julie Hoke


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