A Theater Finale and Beginning

Lights Up!

Children perform a theater production at Circle of HopeThe Children’s Summer Theater Camp finale told a bewitching tale of a mad scientist king, a captive in a tower, and a dragon caught in a spell. All of this was conjured up by the children attending camp at Circle of Hope for one week. They learned storytelling, dancing, singing, acting, and set design. Stevie Neale and her team of talented teachers and guest artists offered their guidance. In the end, the one week camp culminated in a lovely testament to what some empowered imaginations can produce.

Community Theater and Connection

I was extremely grateful for the opportunity to see these kids reciting lines, both shyly and boldly, in front of their friends and families. There was a tangible feeling of support and community in that space as their collaborative effort was honored. At Circle of Hope, we hope to offer a place where connections are made and authentic life-giving community can thrive. Sometimes that happens when we are talking about Jesus in one of our weekly meetings at somebody’s home. Other times, that happens when a bunch of kids learn confidence, empathy, and the joy of creativity.

The Circle Performing Arts Alliance is working towards more events, both for adults and children. In the future they are partnering with the Theater of the Oppressed to bring a week of trainings to Circle of Hope on Marlton Pike. Later in the fall, they hope to have a follow up to the summer camp with a weekend workshop for kids.

Bethany Hornak, reporting

Bethany is the wearer of many hats, including Circle of Hope Operations Manager and Compassion Core Team leader. She is also local food co-op volunteer and intrepid home renovator.

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