Things that go around on FB

There are a lot of people on Facebook.

There are 1.71 billion active monthly users. There are 1.13 billion active daily users. 91% of 15-34 year olds use it. That’s all according to this website, so I am sure it is true. 🙂

We are on there too, of course — like the picture above indicates. It got about 100 likes on FB in the last few hours. (Love you guys too).

We don’t think you need to be on FB, or need to like it, or have to stop complaining about it. It is hardly the main or best way we communicate. It is sometimes fun and sometimes useful. It’s a tool.

Want to use the tool to sign up? We have some gifts for growing being given soon:

Thirtysomething Day Retreat, September 10

New Testament Overview Retreat, September 24

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